How to Dress for a Beach Wedding

To be dressy or not to be dressy – that is the question. Actually, there are several questions. It is very important to take into consideration whether the wedding is formal or casual, but when dressing for a beach wedding, you also need to consider weather, color and theme. Even hair and make-up – everything right down to your shoes – should be a little different when you attend a wedding at the beach.

Beach weddings can be pretty hot, so the first thing you want to do is make sure you don’t turn into a sweaty mess. Wear a light fabric – one that won’t stick to you and will help you stay cool in the Florida sun. Think chiffon, linen or a cotton blend. Weather can be tricky in Florida. You may want to bring a light jacket in case there is a sudden storm or it cools down in the evening.

Next, you’ll want to think about color and theme. Think light and bright. If there is a theme, of course try to adhere to the rules that apply. If there is a color scheme, look for shades within that color palette that flatter your skin tone.

Keep make-up light and bright as well. Heat can increase smudges and runs, so don’t forget to use waterproof mascara. Beach weddings can also be breezy and humid, making hair frizzy or creating fly-aways. To ensure that you don’t begin to look disheveled, try an updo or pin back your hair.

Ok, let’s talk about formality. Beach weddings are rarely formal, but make certain because you don’t want to look out of place. Of course, if the wedding is formal, floor-length downs and suits should be worn. If it is casual, as most beach weddings tend to be, women can wear sundresses. Khaki or linen shorts and shirts are acceptable for men. If an evening reception follows the ceremony, you are probably looking at a semi-formal event. In that case, men would upgrade to khaki or linen slacks, a button down shirt and a lightweight sport coat.

Finally, it can be difficult to walk on the beach, and although you would think you should be able to go barefoot, if the reception is at a different location, you will need shoes. If it is casual, leather flip flops, loafers or boat shoes will do for men. Women should think comfortable and stylish flats or sandals. If you can’t live without your heels, bring them to change into later.